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Closing by HyperTurtle32
July 29th, 2017, 8:12 pm
I've decided to end this comic.
I've been thinking on it ever since I decided to start uploading again, and I believe it makes more sense to give up on this place at this point.
Don't worry: I'm not deleting the comic nor am I leaving smackjeeves again.
I will continue to post some spritework to my DeviantArt account, which you can find here.

As for why I've decided to do this, the main reason is my aforementioned DeviantArt account. I get more feedback on my work there, it's not a lot, but I get virtually nothing here. There's really no reason to continue to manage both of these places at this point. There's no reason I should need two archives of the same work in separate places.
If I do end up being a part of another showcase comic, it would have to be something like Reidy and Friends' Showcase, which I have considered applying for. It hasn't been on the top of my priorities list, however. Maybe sometime soon.

As for my future on SmackJeeves, I'll be focusing more on getting back into making webcomics. At the moment, I'm only a part of Author Hotel Comic 2, but I have more plans for the future.

I'll upload one last page here as a sort of goodbye to this comic sometime this week.
[OLD] Update on how I'm doing, as well as clearing my conscience by HyperTurtle32
July 18th, 2017, 9:47 pm
This message was originally posted March 31st, 2016, at 2:26 am.
I have moved this to a news post so it isn't mixed up with the spritework.
However, I still feel this message is important, so I have decided not to delete it.


If you've known me for I while, I sincerely hope you'll read at least SOME of this monster of a comment

decided to check my comics, he found out about this. He didn't, however, check the date I posted the page on. A whole 5 days between when I posted the page and when I asked for permission--approximately. I no longer have the old private messages about this debacle anymore, I merely checked the comments of the page vs when it was posted, as well as m own memory.

But then, when confronted, I lied.

I played dumb and said "I though you meant I couldn't post them" and accused him of putting a "do-it-yourself" section on the sheet(which turned out to be leftovers from his work). I knew perfectly well what he actually meant and thought this would make me look less stupid in front of the few people who actually read my comics.

If this conversation was continued through private messaging instead, I do not know If I would have lied, but I will not pin the blame on Elda for this.

He hasn't seem to have been active on this site in 4 years, but I've sent him a private message about this already regardless.

004 - Ryan's joke
So, I guess I stole a joke once? Here.

It wasn't intentional, so I'm not going to call it stealing, per se.

The joke was from RyanMC's comic, Two Evil Scientists, which essentially inspired me to make comics in the first place. The jokes involves Sonic running, Quick Man passing him, and the punchline being Sonic saying "I hope nobody saw that".

I actually had FORGOT that it was a joke from his comic. I randomly remembered it one day and thought I came up with it myself. When someone pointed it out to me, I didn't know how to respond, thinking if I tried telling the truth they'd claim me to be bluffing, so I didn't say anything.

005 - My first comic
The banner was not a reference to the "sparta meme". I, to this day, do not know what that movie is, but it was not a reference. I didn't even know about the meme at the time.

006 - MN
My second OC character was MN, or "Meta Nebula".

The name is dumb.

So, RyanMC had participated in an "author comic". Me, wanted to be cool or thought it looked fun or something decided to join one. But the only character I had was FN, or "Fire Nebula", who was a minor kirby edit(I didn't even recolor him, I just combined two copy abilities) who did not match the other authors' mostly sonic-themed sprites. So I hastily put together a sheet.

MN was a recolor of shadow with poorly edited shoes. I even considered erasing the red stripes on his spines, but for whatever reason decided to keep them. They were very hard to see and just made it look like he had weird shading.

007 - Leaving Smackjeeves
So, at one point I decided to remove all my comics from my profile and not post any sprite on Smackjeeves anymore. Since Smackjeeves is a site for posting comics, which I convinced myself I was done with, I said I would post all sprites on my DeviantArt account and only stay on SJ to read and comment on other peoples comics.

This lasted for almost a year, or maybe it was closer to half a year, but I ultimately come back as it felt wrong to just leave like that. I have since been posted sprite at the rate of a snail covered in molasses.

I never did remove any comics from the site, just simply made them hidden and left most of the author comics I was in. If you for some reason want to go back and read them, I can easily link you to them, I just don't want them flooding my profile again.

008 - Rip-off comics
Young me, being "inspired" by popular comics, made plenty of what I now call to be rip-offs. Here's a list:

I play Megaman - To defeat them all
Eggman's new robot - Two evil scientists
Mario and Luigi Ultimate Adventures - Mario and Luigi Misadventues
Return to Mobius - Insonicnia (which can currently be downloaded here.

009 - Extra Accounts
I've made extra accounts on SJ in the past for various reasons. For the most part, I did nothing on them. Notable mentions include...

I honestly don't know what I was going to do with this. I know it had something to do with using it for video related content, but there isn't exactly a way to put videos on SJ, unless it's through HTML or some other sort of coding or flash animation via a premium account. I didn't know how to make videos or flash animation at the time however, so I guess it was just wishful thinking.

Waluigi & Techno Waluigi
My kind-of-but-not-really troll accounts. I basically posted comments on my own and, rarely, on other peoples comics. I wouldn't call them troll accounts, I was just trying to be funny. I made fun of one of Luigi_96's comics and apologized for it later, saying it was a username joke and I had nothing against him or his comic.

The only one of these accounts still around. I made this account in an attempt to create a comic without people knowing it was me. I created a Bob and George rip-off comic.
It featured the author as some sort of mix between Dr Wily and Dr Cossack, although I don't think there were enough pages for him to actually show up. I remember I had planned to change the page layout so that my avatar would change from 16-bit to 8-bit or 32-bit depending on the current story, but again, the comic was too short to show this happening.
I also had some sort of time travel storyline planned, as at the second page or so, a one-panel comic showing up as a second author comment featuring Dr Wily with a time machine that was really the Blue Falcon from F-Zero.

010 - The future: Sprites
I've always been spriting on this site, starting from extremely minor edits and recolors to the good sprites I make now(feels weird complementing your own work).

I will continue to post sprites here as well as on my DeviantArt account, despite the little to non-existent constructive criticism and comments I get.

I may consider posting to a website designed specifically for spriting, or at least one that has a much larger focus around it.

Even when I haven't posted anything in, say, 4 months, I've still been spriting during that time. Over the course of most of last year I've been keeping my sprites private, mostly because they contain original characters I'm not ready to show the public yet or are sprites that I am not completely satisfied with.

I will attempt to post sprites more often, especially if I, for whatever reason, start getting the feedback I need.

011 - The future: Comics
Ever since my "leaving" of SJ way back when, I've been thinking about making a comic.

Problem A is that I get easily side tracked. This means I would problem be best off making a large portion of the comic pages beforehand and posting them in an organized and consistent way even when I'm not in the mood to make any.

Problem B is that I would primarily use sprites I myself make. This, obviously would take a lot of time, and my lack of ability to focus on one thing for more than two months doesn't help with this.

If I were to every make a comic again, these were the only ideas I kept coming back to:

1. A Megaman X and Sonic crossover comic, where every character is fused with one from the other series. For those familiar with my "Crossover Project", this is where I would use those sprites. The characters would have the personalities of the Sonic characters primarily, however the story and character names are mostly taken from the Megaman X series. There will be times where the stories will cross, for example, Sigma(crossed with Eggman) built Vile(crossed with X) to be an ultimate Maverick hunter and to emulate X's exceptional skills, as X is reluctant to join the hunters. I haven't touched the sprites in over a year now, however.

2. A classic Megaman comic. I'm not sure whether it would be my own take on the Megaman games' story, or some really long story that takes place after Megaman 10 and ends with Zero "doing his thing". The problem with the first idea would be my likely inability to outdo the Archie comics, Djoing's Mega Remastered and Footofaferret's MS Paint Masterpieces, all of which are brilliantly written and give me trouble coming up with on-par ideas of my own. The problem with the second idea is that I fear that I would end up shoehorning in characters like Doc Robot out of nowhere as an excuse to use the sprites I've made. By this, I mean I wouldn't be able to find a way to comfortable tie them into the story like I want to and feel like it may make the sprites I created before writing out a story go to waste.

3. A sonic comic about OCs. The comic would have virtually no sonic characters, but take place in the future. The only main references to the Sonic series would be the inclusion of the Chaos Emeralds as a major plot device, possibly Gemerl and Nicole showing up, and a descendant of Eggman as a major villain(probably Eggman Nega). The comic would occasionally crossover with other video game series', such as having Samus as a reoccurring character. For the most part the comic would be incompletely original however.
The comic would be split into four parts. The first serving as the main part consisting of many chapters, featuring "Shine the Cat" as the main character. Two other, much shorter parts that would be posted during the main part, showing different timelines or time periods with different main characters. The comic would end with a 2-3 chapter section showing Shine during the events in the far future.

The first idea would be the easiest to create story-wise and inbetween the others spirte-wise.
The second Idea would be the easiest to create overall, as the story is mostly borrowed from the classic Megaman games and the sprites are "8-bit", making them the easiest and quickest to create.
The third idea is the idea I have most planned out already, it would however be the hardest to create both sprite-wise and story-wise. It would also most likely be the longest comic.

012 - Conclusion
That's about all I feel I need to get off my chest for now.

If any new detail I've forgotten comes to mind, or if anything knew worth mentioning comes up, I'll create another author comic and update the navigation in this one, or make a knew post if I feel it's necessary.
Updates to the site by HyperTurtle32
July 2nd, 2017, 11:58 am
I'll be working on some updates to the site as of late, you may have noticed a few already.

These include things like a banner, new cover page, and other changes to make the place feel less "dull".

I'll make another news update when the improvements have been fully implemented.